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A Complete Guide to Raising your Puppy Naturally

Raising puppies is a task you need to do with a lot of commitment, discipline, and passion. Puppies are little bundles of energy, and you need to channelize this energy in the right direction. If you raise a puppy properly, it becomes your best companion with excellent health and balanced temperament. If you don’t nurture it correctly, bad habits are formed to make life difficult for you. Several things go into making puppy raising perfect, and you have to be aware of all these important aspects. Here is a complete guide to raising your puppy naturally:

Choose a puppy from a reliable breeder

When you select a puppy, you need to make sure that it is healthy and emotionally balanced. Reliable breeders take care of puppies in a careful way, and they offer a health certificate for buyers. You can also collect information on vaccinations from the breeder.

Give utmost importance to feeding

Puppy feeding is a very vital aspect. You have to give him/her nutritiously balanced food to maintain optimized health. There are online platforms that reveal clear information about the best natural foods available in the market for puppies.

Collect correct information on vaccination

It is essential to give vaccinations to your puppy promptly. Vaccination always helps him/her stay protected against diseases. Not all puppies are born with a clean slate, and there can be some genetic issues passed from previous generations. You may also cross puppies with some imbalances and health issues due to lack of vaccination or excess vaccination, stress, poor nutrition. Clear cut information on vaccination assists you in making the dog highly resistant to diseases.

Follow best puppy training concepts

You have to create a structured environment for our puppy. Consistency is also a very important aspect. A schedule must be designed that comprises of a fixed time for food, walk, exercise and sleep. Proper scheduling establishes a foundation, and you need to show great consistency as an owner. For example; if your rule is to keep the pet stay off the couch, you should never show leniency even at least for once. If you do so, it creates confusion in the mind of the dog. It can create fear or aggressive nature in the dog. So you need to be consistent with your rules.

Reward your puppy frequently

Puppies love praise, rewards, and treats. In fact; they thrive on positive reinforcement. When your small pet does something good, you can reward him/her with some treats. It is a much better option than negative reinforcement like beating or spanking.

There are many more aspects you need to focus on while raising a puppy. You should teach your dog impulse control, and there are quality training methods available to teach dog proper impulse control methods. Socialization is another important aspect and other important factors you need to consider crate training, potty training, and frequent inspection by a veterinary doctor. If you take care of all these things, you can raise your puppy responsibly and safely.


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